WordPress – The First Choice for Website Development

wordpress for website making
WordPress is considered to be the most powerful content management and blog publishing web development tools available on the internet today. The WordPress is developed by Matt Mullenweg in 2003 as a basic blog engine. Buy today, millions of people around the world are using WordPress as their powerful tool for creating their dream websites.

Do you know what is the main attraction of WordPress?

YES, It is FREE !!!

This means WordPress package can be downloaded for free from their website (WordPress.org) and you can install it to your web host.

Why WordPress is called “Open Source”?

WordPress is an online website making tool written in PHP language. It is called “open source” because all the codes, files are free to use, modification, customization etc. This technology is used by millions of people around the world that consists of curious individuals to smart professionals.

Why WordPress is Used by Millions?

Millions of people around the world are using WordPress. Because because it has so many powerful features.

  1. The platform of WordPress is used world widely. This free web software is using from creating simple blogs to giant e-commerce sites. It is so powerful.
  2. WordPress is very easy to install. You can even install it directly from your web hosting account. That means you don’t need to download WordPress files or upload them to your web hosting account. All you do is just filling out a simple form and clicking a button. WordPress is now installed!!
  3. WordPress has a simple user interface that helps people editing and designing very easily. Most people using WordPress are neither web designers nor programmers. You don’t have to be a technical genius to learn how to use WordPress.
  4. The backbone of WordPress is the support of a worldwide community. Because WordPress is open-source and free, it is very actively supported by a worldwide community of WordPress developers. They are working very hard for updating WordPress regularly with new functions and updated with bug and security fixes.
  5. Another attraction of WordPress is the use of Themes and Plugins. The themes allow you to change the look of your WordPress website. There are thousands of great WordPress themes available online, and many of them are completely free. Furthermore, you can find a wide range of plugins that can easily be used to the site to make it more interactive and user-friendly. WordPress is very flexible and can be extended by using plugins. Just like themes, there are thousands of free plugins available for you to use.

Let Your Dream Come True..

If you like to experience the true power of WordPress, go and install it. I hope this will change the way you think about website making.

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