Need of Separate Domain and Web Hosting Accounts

Web hosting and domain names seem to go closely together. You purchase domain name and then connect it to your web hosting. Web hosting and domain names seem natural to have these two together. However, it is highly suggested to keep domain and hosting account separate. Many individuals may not know it but registering domain with the host can be a bad idea and by doing so, bad things might happen. Registering your domain with your host can lead to the following scenarios, so you better opt to have separate domain and hosting account:

  • You will need to contact your former web host and ask them to change your web server. It actually takes many hours or even days to make your web host do this depending on the speed. To prevent this from happening in the future, you might also want to move your domain to another registrar.
  • You will also need to transfer your exclusive domain from your former host to a new domain registrar. This procedure must be fully approved by the former registrar or your previous web host and will most probably take several weeks and days.
  • Your web host has registered your domain under their name and this has become legally theirs and this is something unpleasant. You can try purchasing the domain from your web host or you can redirect the old domain into a new one. An urgent domain like this might trigger lost money and visitor.

The Dilemma of Registering your Domain

When individuals decide to set up an exclusive hosting, they register their domain through their host most of the time. For lots of individuals, keeping all their website stuff in one same place sounds a very good idea. They only have to keep up with single set login information. These individuals are also aware that the technical support staff of their host will ensure that everything is properly configured. But, you also have the option to have separate domain and hosting account. This is strongly recommended for several numbers of good reasons.

Compelling Reasons to Have Separate Domain and Hosting Account

Hosting and domain name are two highly essential accounts and these must be separate accounts. Getting separate accounts is needed because you can manage change web host providers easily or change designers if you have a full control of your exclusive domain name. In case you do not have control over your domain name, you might need to ask for it and in many instances, this cannot be obtained easily.
There are reasons why you might want to consider changing host providers. You might want to do so because the price ultimately increased, the technical support is poor, and the site loads so slow, you cannot update WordPress and many more.


Regardless of what hosting and domain registrar service you select, make sure that you understand the cost, the services provided and the possible impact in case you move. You also need to assume the best and the worst. Through registering separate domain and hosting account, you are actually making it a lot easier to make transition if the time comes that you decide to take your money elsewhere.

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