The 3 Steps to Make Your Own Website from Scratch

3 steps to make a website

Making Your Own Website is Much Easier than it Sounds..

With the dawn of computer age, Website Making is no longer just a trend but a necessity. There are many reasons and situations these days that triggered the urge of people to create their own website. With lots of beautiful websites actively operating online, many individuals are desperately looking for steps to setting up a website as beautiful as those websites they see online.

Though there are individuals who are open about the idea of creating their own sites for personal or business reasons, there are still those who are hesitant to do so believing that creating a site requires solid technical expertise. Website making is not really a rocket science. Anybody with the knowledge about internet can make a website.

” In reality, setting your own site is fairly easy and it only takes 30 minutes if you have an idea of what you are doing. “

By just following this simple yet proper steps to create own website, soon enough, you will have a reliable website of your own.

Step No: 1

Register Your Domain and Web Hosting Accounts

Finding and deciding on a domain name is the very first step to setting up a website. This is a crucial step to make as you begin building contents on your site. All the things that you create on your site will be connected to your URL or domain name and your site visitors will know through the domain name that you choose.

Some individuals choose domain names that closely relate to the main topic of their site and more likely to be searched by internet users under a particular keyword while other choose a domain name which helps people identify what their site or brand stands for. Take time to decide on your domain name and once you have finally chosen a domain name, register it. There are array or registering services allowing you register the domain that you have chosen at a very reasonable price.

Check Your Domain Availability


Upon deciding on your domain name and having it registered, the next step to setting up a website is hosting it with a reliable web hosting company. A great hosting service you need to choose is the one that provides unlimited and exclusive hosting space.